Shocking: Mother Drives her 14-Year-Old Daughter to ‘Hang Out’ with 2 Men She Met Online; Men Rape Girl Repeatedly

Orlando Roberts, left, Javon Henson. (Photo: WJLA)
Orlando Roberts, left, Javon Henson. (Photo: WJLA)

Two men posed as a father and son over the Internet to lure a 14-year-old Laurel (Maryland) girl and then raped her repeatedly, police say.

Orlando Roberts, 45, a convicted sex offender, raped a child more than a decade ago, police say.

This time, he had a partner in Javon Henson, 19, of District Heights.

The two men contacted the Laurel teen online and lied to her mother. Police say they raped the girl over and over in a Northwest D.C. house.

The girl told police she met Henson on Instagram, continued to communicate, then spoke with both men on the phone.

When she said she would have to ask her mother for permission to hang out, she said Roberts identified himself as Henson’s father and offered to lie to the mother because his “son” was 19 years old.

According to court documents, the men drove to Maryland, met the girl’s foster mother, and took the girl back to Roberts’ home on Park Place.

Roberts allegedly took her on a tour of the house and told her all this could be yours and asked her to give “Daddy” a hug.

She was then escorted to the basement where the two men raped her numerous times. She later told detectives she was scared and nervous.

When it was over, Roberts told her she couldn’t tell anyone, that this was their secret.

Police say the girl was not at fault and praised her courage in coming forward to report the crime, an act that might encourage others to report assaults.

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SOURCE: Jennifer Donelan 

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