Kirk Franklin Jokes ‘Missionary Baptist’ Members Like to Fight While Discussing Kim Burrell’s ‘Sunday Best’ Drama

Credit: BET
Credit: BET

The Bible teaches us to turn the other cheek, but if you’re from the Missionary Baptist Church denomination, you’re more likely to punch somebody in the cheek—at least according to BET “Sunday Best” host Kirk Franklin.

The 44-year-old Grammy® winning recording artist told the Yolanda Adams Morning Show, “I done seen a lot of parking lot fights” because “I was raised Missionary Baptist.”

The topic was brought up in the context of discussing the Season 7 drama between contestant Christpher Dennis Brigham and judge Kim Burrell, 41.

So what did Franklin think of all of it?

“Well, first of all, what the people didn’t get to see is that, behind the scenes, she had already hit me in the face and punched me and stuff,” he said during a Yolanda Adams Morning Show interview.

“So I was already in the back [like] I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.”

After cracking a few jokes, he said, “One thing about reality TV is sometimes, it gets real. That episode got real.”

Then Franklin added, “To the people listening, don’t act like you ain’t seen no church fights before.” It was at this point that he shared his denominational ties to the Missionary Baptist church and how commonplace altercations were.

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine

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