Kierra Sheard Opens Up About Her Own Insecurities and Issues on “Graceland” Album

Kierra Sheard recently debuted her fifth studio album "Graceland." (PHOTOGRAPH: BET NETWORKS)
Kierra Sheard recently debuted her fifth studio album “Graceland.”

Kierra Sheard has a lot to celebrate with a chart-topping new album and historic position on BET’s “Sunday Best,” but the daughter of a renowned preacher and gospel music legend has no problem admitting her struggles.

Kierra, 27, has always had a powerful voice that she has used to sing for the Lord in the choir of her father’s church since the age of six. As the daughter of Grammy award winning singer Karen Clark Sheard of the gospel music group The Clark Sisters, Kierra is no stranger to the gospel music industry.

But with four albums under her belt, the daughter of Bishop J Drew Sheard decided it was time to offer the world something more than Sunday morning Praise and Worship songs. Kierra decided that her fifth album, “Graceland”, would feature many of her own insecurities and issues on her walk with Christ.

“I’m really kind of spilling the beans about my spiritual walk without giving all of my business. I’m letting people into my life, letting them know that I am human,” she told The Christian Post. “I’m letting people know, hey I may struggle with the same thing you do but God is working on me and it’s a process. It’s going to be a continual process until Jesus returns.”

Kierra decided to take the advice of her father who pastors the Greater Emmanuel Church of God in Christ in Detroit. Although she is not preaching from a pulpit, Kierra has her own plans to help bring souls to Christ.

“My father always taught us as a disciple of Christ, to win people over you have to use some bait to catch fish first,” she told The Christian Post. “I think the bait on this record is the tracks that you wouldn’t think are gospel music if you were to listen to it by the sound of the music and the lyrics of the song.”

While Kierra has worked with her producer and rapper brother J. Drew Sheard II on previous records, her team helped her bring in some new sounds. She teamed up with songwriters and producers like Harmony Samuels, who has worked with Jennifer Lopez and Ariana Grande, and Diane Warren, who has worked with the likes of Beyonce and Cher.

When pressing play on “Graceland” Kierra is truly stepping out of her element with her genre blending music and personal lyrics. However, fans seem ready to embrace it as the album shot to the top of the Gospel/Christian iTunes Music Charts on the first day of its release Tuesday.

After releasing five albums and baring her flaws for the world to hear on “Graceland” it seems Kierra is finally starting to gain confidence in her abilities.

“I didn’t expect it to do this great but I’m so thankful and so honored that so many people around the world trust me to enter through their ear gates and they support my ministry,” she told CP. “Usually I don’t perform my new music very good. But this time around I just get up, sing the songs, and I just sing with a confidence that I have not really had before.”

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Christine Thomasos

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