Mohabat TV Reaching Iranians With the Gospel Through Broadcasting

Mohabat TV

Christians are the most persecuted religious minority group in Iran. Iranian believers, especially those who convert from Islam to Christianity, face even more scrutiny.

Now one television channel operating from multiple secret locations is beaming messages of hope directly into the Islamic country and Iranian authorities don’t like it one bit.

These are very busy and exciting times at Mohabat TV as it carries out its mission of broadcasting Christianity into Iran.

“We are seeing a huge, huge number of Iranians who are reaching out to our channel and our phone center just to reach out and find out more about Jesus,” Mike Ansari, who oversees the popular channel, said.

Thirsty for Truth

Since 2006, Mohabat TV has been beaming Christian programs via satellite to Middle East, Europe, and parts of Asia. But for the channel’s cast, crew, production, and office staff, their main focus is the Islamic nation of Iran.

“Many of our viewers that are contacting us from Iran, they claim that Islam has not delivered to their expectations. So when they turn the channel on and see Mohabat TV they hear a new message of Jesus, of forgiveness of love of acceptance,” Ansari said.

Nazanin Baghestani manages the phone call center operations for the channel.

“Persians are really thirsty for the truth, they really want to know who is this God that we talk about, who is this Jesus, is He real or is He just a prophet?” Baghestani said.

To answer those and many other questions, the channel has deployed Farsi-speaking Christian counselors in different time zones around the world.

Baghestani said they take an average between 8,000 and 10,000 calls a month from Iranians.

“That’s when we open the subject, we preach the gospel and so many give their hearts, so many receive Him,” Baghestani said.

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George Thomas

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