Church Activist Says an Anti-Israel Attitude Is Growing Among Some Evangelicals


Mark Tooley, president of the Institute on Religion and Democracy, sees an increase in anti-Israel viewpoints among “evangelical elites in academia, missions and young people attending evangelical colleges and seminaries.”

“The struggle with Hamas, unfortunately, will in some ways exacerbate that trend,” he says. “And that trend is reinforced by a growing tendency among liberal evangelicals to be pacifists, and so they would very much disapprove of Israel’s self-defense measures, just as they would disapprove of United States military self-defense.”

Tooley adds that IRD has done more extensive study on the anti-Israel influences on evangelicals.

“IRD’s Luke Moon has written a comprehensive analysis and overview of many of the major evangelical figures and organizations involved in attempting to turn U.S. evangelicals in a more negative direction against Israel,” he tells OneNewsNow. “If you go to our website, you can find that article by Luke Moon.”

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Chris Woodward

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