Why You Should Not Use Spray-On Sunscreens

Photo: iStockphoto
Photo: iStockphoto

If you think spraying your kids with sunscreen is the quick answer to protecting your kids from the sun’s harmful rays, think again.

Consumer Reports is warning parents to avoid spray-on sunscreens. They’re concerned about the risks of inhaling potentially risky ingredients-including titanium dioxide, a possible carcinogen. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has also cautioned parents to avoid spray-on sunscreens because the liquid doesn’t go on thickly enough to create a true barrier.

In 2011, the FDA asked manufacturers to prove that spray sunscreens are effective; those studies are still being done. The slow response time of the FDA has both the EWG and Consumer Reports asking for more action.

Choosing a sunscreen is not easy. I cannot be the only one who stands in front of the sunscreen aisle confused and a little anxious about my choice. The EWG puts out a good primer on sunscreen that is worth a read. But it is important to remember that in Canada we have far more choices with different (and better) ingredients than our US neighbours. For example, the EWG doesn’t review Ombrelle or any products with Mexoryl in it.

Both the EWG and Consumer Reports are pressuring the American FDA to revamp their sunscreen regulations to allow other ingredients in an attempt to limit spray sunscreens and to better define the high range of SPFs. In Europe, sunscreen SPFs are limited to 50 and below, because SPF above 50 don’t necessarily mean that much more protection for the chemical load.

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Source: MSN Living | Emma Waverman

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