Gynecologist Dr. Nikita Levy Causes Johns Hopkins Health System in Baltimore to Pay $190 Million to 8000 Women and Girls for Videotaping Them; Doctor Commits Suicide

Dr. Nikita Levy
Dr. Nikita Levy

A gynecologist with a wickedly perverse sense of practice is now costing one of the world’s top medical centers to pay $190 million – which must be paid out as a settlement to his victims – 8,000 women and girls to be exact.

Dr. Nikita Levy was discovered using tiny cameras to secretly record videos and photos of his female patients and was subsequently fired after 25 years with the Johns Hopkins Health System in Baltimore in February 2013 – after a female co-worker spotted the camera he used – a small pen-like apparatus that he wore around his neck.

She alerted authorities and Levy committed suicide a few days later. An investigation resulted in the finding of roughly 1,200 videos and 140 images that was stored on computers in Levy’s home.

“All of these women were brutalized by this,” said their lead attorney, Jonathan Schochor. “Some of these women needed counseling, they were sleepless, they were dysfunctional in the workplace, they were dysfunctional at home, they were dysfunctional with their mates. This breach of trust, this betrayal — this is how they felt.”

According to Huffington Post, this preliminary settlement, which was approved by a judge on Monday, is said to be one of the largest ever on record for sexual misconduct of a physician. It now puts the brakes on a case where there were no criminal charges filed, but would have proven harmful to the physicians career.

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Source: EURWeb

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