James Robison Says We Can Kiss Freedom In America Goodbye Unless Those Who Love God Stand Against Deception and Destruction

(Mike Mozart/Flickr/Creative Commons)
(Mike Mozart/Flickr/Creative Commons)

You can kiss freedom in America goodbye unless those who say they know and love God stand together against the forces of deception and destruction. If we don’t act now, it will be too late to halt evil’s intent, which is the destruction of meaningful life and freedom. This has always been Satan’s goal, and presently, he appears to be winning.

Can you believe the insane decisions being made by elected leadership? Powerful leaders make decisions that look like they are promoting evil rebellion against wise and godly thinking. “Evil is now called good, and good is called evil,” just as Isaiah said.

Along with other concerned leaders, we are offering the common ground on which concerned Americans can surely stand together in defense of freedom. The future of freedom will be determined with godly diversity coming together in supernatural unity to stand up for transforming truth. We must refuse to give the enemy another inch of the ground God has told us to oversee. Here are the last of the 10 Principles of Freedom Jay Richards and I expound with great clarity in the book we co-wrote, Indivisible.

We Are Meant to be Free and Responsible

We are created to be free. God valued our freedom so much that He even gave us the power to reject Him. And we did. This put us under the bondage of sin. But God did not leave us in our bondage. By bearing the brunt of sin, He reconciled us to Himself. Ultimate freedom is freedom in Christ. But God in His common grace also has revealed ways for societies to restrain evil and achieve some measure of freedom.

In free societies the government both protects and submits to the rule of law. It conforms to those realities outside it, including to the roles of individual persons, families, the church and other institutions of civil society. Free societies protect private property. They allow their citizens to participate in the political process, to make basic economic choices, and to freely exercise their religious faith. These freedoms are indivisible. A regime such as the People’s Republic of China may try to provide some measure of economic freedom while retaining a strong grip on politics and religion. But in the long run, political, economic and religious freedoms stand or fall together.

With freedom comes responsibility—for our choices, our children, our actions, our neighbors, our faith, for seeking the truth and for the natural environment that God has given us to steward. If we hope to preserve freedom in the 21st century, we must embrace these responsibilities.

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SOURCE: Charisma News
James Robison

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