How to Build Emotional Strength

Tetra Images - Mark de Leeuw via Getty Images
Tetra Images – Mark de Leeuw via Getty Images

Most of us aspire to be in peak physical condition, so we take the stairs instead of the elevator, train for races or join a gym. We invest our money, time and energy into working out our bodies. We even plan our days around that cycle or yoga class, because, after all, if we don’t make exercising a priority, we won’t do it.

The benefits of physical exercise are endless and engrained in our minds at a very young age. However, an important workout regimen we overlook is the one that exercises the “heart” muscle.

I know the heart is an organ that needs standard exercise to thrive, but I’m talking about the heart in a figurative sense. Since it’s natural to associate emotional strength and well-being with the heart, what if we gave the same care and focus in learning to work out our heart muscle the same way we work out and strengthen our bodies?

Dr. Scott Bea, clinical psychologist at Cleveland Clinic, said it best: “It rarely occurs to us that we can practice new attitudes, new emotional responses or characteristics.”

Fortunately, some of the very same training techniques that we use to improve our bodies can also apply to our emotional and psychological fitness:

Warm Up/Cool Down
Warming up, stretching and cooling down are essential to physical workouts. They are what prepare your body before a workout, keep your muscles loose and bring your body back to equilibrium after. Similarly, self-love is what’s essential to opening your heart.

Maximize the start and end of your days with repetitions of self-love:

As a warm up, start your day with self-affirmations to build your confidence and courage. Are you currently worried about something? Do you have a big day ahead of you? “Affirmations are a great way to center yourself, and how you start your day is critical to your overall happiness and how you live each moment,” international life coach Shannon Kaiser explains. She suggests telling yourself, “All is in right order, I am right where I need to be to get to where I want to go, I accept myself fully in this moment.” Or you can try one of these.

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Source: Huffington Post | Sahaj Kohli

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