Thousands of Christians In Washington, DC, for “Celebrate America” Events In Hopes of Sparking Another Great Awakening

Celebrate America DC
Celebrate America DC

America has experienced at least two Great Awakenings in its spiritual history. But in a time when so many feel another is desperately needed, what can spark it?

Many Christians are hoping that a massive spiritual assault they’ve launched on Washington, D.C., will be that spark.

They’ve come by the thousands for “Celebrate America,” a multi-event celebration taking place during the first three weeks of July.

At night a crowd, which amounts to around 3,000 most evenings, has been packing into DAR Constitution Hall from across from the White House Ellipse for meetings that have concentrated on the country’s rich spiritual heritage and how to preserve it.

By day, hundreds have fanned out across Washington, D.C., to witness.

Pastor Eric Gonyon, who works with Senior Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne at Tampa’s River by the Bay Church, told CBN News this massive effort all began with nationwide prayer for America.

“We started a 24/7 prayer chain probably at the beginning of the year,” he said, with many thousands of prayer warriors joining in across the country.

That steady barrage of prayer was like artillery fire softening up the ground for the hundreds of street evangelists Gonyon and other pastors have been training.

CBN News visited one of these training sessions in DAR Constitution Hall, where Gonyon spent a few minutes teaching on the finer points of witnessing.

But he said he spent most of the time firing up and inspiring the troops to share Jesus because while prayer is certainly important, so is action.

“Faith without works is dead,” the pastor explained. “We believe in prayer, but you got to get up and you got to go share the Good News.”

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Paul Strand

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