Missouri Baseball Camp for Deaf Kids is a Delightful Success

(Photo: ksdk)
(Photo: ksdk)

It’s the time of year when the sounds of summer can be heard all over the country but not by one group of kids on a baseball field in Missouri. They are this summer’s participants in the Mike Bush Fantasy Baseball Camp for the deaf and hard of hearing.

On this field, these often-limited children are given the opportunity to participate in sports and fitness activities that help improve their self-esteem, growth, and well-being.

“We play baseball but it’s so much more than baseball,” explained Camp Director, Cari Hampton. Watch the video above to see these kids round the bases with smiles and pride.

Nine-year-old Harrison Beck is in his third year at the baseball camp.

“I’ve been hitting and catching. Practicing all my baseball skills,” he says using sign language.

Each summer for the past 25 years, the camp has welcomed kids who often get singled out because of their disability and instead allowed them to stand out because of their ability.

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SOURCE: Kelsey McShane

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