Danae Mines is the First Woman in the FDNY Calendar of Heroes

Danae Mines  FDNY
Danae Mines

Danae Mines, an 11-year veteran firefighter, has silenced haters who said her dream of appearing in the FDNY Calendar of Heroes would not be realized. She competed for a spot, and is now Miss March.

Danae Mines, one of 41 female firefighters in New York City, just made history as the first to grace the pages of the FDNY Calendar of Heroes that famously features bare-chested firemen, reports the New York Daily News.

The 11-year veteran of Engine Co. 60 in the South Bronx, N.Y., is Miss March.

Mines, who had dreamed of becoming a firefighter since the age of 10, tuned out the naysayers who said she would never get her moment to shine.

“I was told that it was all guys,” she told the Daily News. “They said if I made it in the calendar, I would look like a pinup girl.”

Undeterred by the haters, Mines auditioned for the open call, competing for the 13 calendar spots against 100 men.

She said of the experience, “I was a little scared. I was the only female.”

For the calendar shoot, Mines was casually demure in a gray FDNY tank, red suspenders, utility belt and green khakis.

The $17.95 calendar was shot by nightlife photographer Patrick McMullan, and its proceeds will benefit the FDNY Foundation to provide fire-safety education, training and equipment for firefighters.

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