Serita Jakes Releases “The Princess Within For Teens” to Help Teenage Girls Overcome Self-Esteem Issues and Embrace Their God-Given Royalty


First Lady Serita Jakes releases "The Princess Within For Teens" book, a guide to help girls overcome teenage struggles. (PHOTO: TWITTER/FIRST LADY JAKES)
First Lady Serita Jakes releases “The Princess Within For Teens” book, a guide to help girls overcome teenage struggles.

Serita Jakes, first lady of The Potter’s House megachurch in Dallas, where her husband, T.D. Jakes, is the lead pastor, draws from her personal and ministerial experiences to understand the struggles teenage girls of the current generation often face in her new book, The Princess Within For Teens.

Growing up as the daughter of a coal miner, Jakes experienced self-esteem issues that led her astray even though her peers encouraged her to embrace her potential.

As the leader of an all-girls program, Jakes has also witnessed the consequences that can happen when teenage girls are not empowered and encouraged to live life knowing they were made for God-given royalty, despite their circumstances.

Jakes taps into subjects such as the influence of social media on self-esteem and communication, while also shares stories of how she overcame complex issues while a teenager living in West Virginia.

The Princess Within For Teens is designed to be a guide book for young girls to understand that there is more to life than their growing pains, which Jakes says can only come from living a Christ-honoring life.

Below is an edited transcript of Jakes’ interview with The Christian Post.

CP: You have a large ministry platform that allows you to reach women of all ages but why did you choose to focus on teenage girls in this book?

Jakes: I work as the director of women and children’s affairs at our church so I’ve been working with our Junior Debutante and Distinctively Debutante Program for 18 years. This book is just a bridge into the conversations we have with the girls because we found out that the girls were suffering from low self-worth, sexual abuse and living in impoverished homes. I needed to compel them to rise above their situations as they sat beside girls that had every advantage in what life has to offer, and girls from the finest schools sitting next to girls from inner-city schools have linked arms and have started celebrating femininity and the opportunity that they are all royalty.

CP: What were some of the challenges you faced as a teenage girl and how did they shape you?

Jakes: My experiences have shaped my compassion. I have an opportunity to get the girls who dress in designer clothes to mingle with the girls like me who wore off-brand store clothes from a coal-mining town in West Virginia. To let girls know that they’re not better than anybody but no one is better than them, either. As a child, I was insecure about my upbringing and my weight and I was made to feel ashamed because my parents drank but now I see myself ministering to girls with those issues.

The eyes are the window to the soul and if you take a moment to look past the makeup, the scars and the weight and you look into the piercing reality that that’s a hurting individual, it makes you stand up and take responsibility to make sure that person doesn’t grow up the same way you did.

CP: What advice would you give your 15-year-old self?

Jakes: I wish I had listened to the positive voices that were stronger than the negative voices because I had a tendency to focus on the minor. Those who grew up with me would say, “You’re going to grow up to be somebody, you have grace and potential.” They applauded me and alluded my excellence but if I had just held on to that longer, perhaps I wouldn’t have derailed but I knew that I was trained up with a positive background and I knew the way even though I veered off it. However, if I would have listened to the beckoning voice of my family and eventually to the Lord, I would’ve known that I was made and born for royalty, not in riches but in royal inheritance, grace, and class. That’s what I’m hoping The Princess Within For Teens will do for girls.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Jessica Martinez

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