San Diego Megachurch Pastor, Sergio de la Mora, Says God Is Breaking Rules by Using Latinos

Pastor Sergio de la Mora leads Cornerstone Church, San Diego's largest Hispanic church. (PHOTO: JAVIER TORRES STUDIOS)
Pastor Sergio de la Mora leads Cornerstone Church, San Diego’s largest Hispanic church.

Cornerstone Church in San Diego, California is the largest congregation led by a Latino pastor in the city’s history. But the pastor, Sergio de la Mora, a second generation Mexican-American, says it is the church’s message, not demographic, that attracts people to the church’s several campuses throughout Southern California and Mexico.

“Because God is raising us second generation Latinos, He’s breaking rules by using people like us. I believe that God is saying to America, ‘give me permission to use people who you wouldn’t think I can use,” de la Mora, who leads the multicultural Cornerstone church, told The Christian Post during The Heart Revolution Conference last week. “I think the next movement of God is going to be done by people who allow God to use them to break rules so people’s image of God is enlarged.”

Despite his church’s growth, de la Mora still believes in the power of the local church and the importance of serving the community’s needs.

“We believe as a church that the largest demographic in the city should be a target for the heart of the church because it shows what God is doing. It’s not that it’s just Hispanics, if there was a large Asian population that was growing, we’d focus on them,” said de la Mora.

While it seems as though Cornerstone has made its mark in Southern California, de la Mora, who credits the success of his church to its focus on youth and family, says the church has much more to achieve.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Jessica Martinez

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