North Carolina Pastors Urge Gov. Patrick McCrory to Defend State’s Marriage Amendment

North Carolina pastor Mark Harris was one of several speakers at a press conference calling for the governor to defend the state's marriage amendment in court.  Photo by K. Allan Blume.
North Carolina pastor Mark Harris was one of several speakers at a press conference calling for the governor to defend the state’s marriage amendment in court. Photo by K. Allan Blume.

Going on the offensive for North Carolina’s marriage amendment, a state pastors’ organization held a press conference at the state capitol to urge Gov. Patrick McCrory to defend the law in court.

Kenneth Carrico, executive director of the North Carolina Pastors’ Network, introduced four pastors who spoke about God’s design for marriage and the legal protection of marriage at the July 15 press conference on the capitol’s south lawn in Raleigh.

Carrico also presented a petition calling McCrory “to specifically defend our marriage amendment” should the U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals rule against traditional marriage.

Bate Garman, pastor of Life Church in Morganton, read a statement on behalf of NCPN’s president, David Kistler, who was unable to attend. “We the NCPN believe marriage is God’s institution,” Kistler noted in the statement. “We also believe the Scriptures to be totally clear that marriage is between one man and one woman.

“We reject the continuing arrogant decisions of the federal courts that assume the right to supersede the constitutional rights of states by negating said state laws and amendments that limit marriage to one man and one woman,” Kistler’s statement continued. “Additionally, we have the right to expect that our state attorney Roy Cooper should defend our amendment since he is sworn his oath of office to do so. However, Mr. Cooper is on record stating that he is opposed to our state’s marriage protection amendment and appears completely unwilling to defend it.”

The federal appeals court is expected soon to render a decision on Virginia’s marriage amendment. Since North Carolina is under the Fourth Circuit’s jurisdiction, there is concern that the state’s marriage law also could be affected.

Kistler’s statement declared: “We hereby make the following demand: ‘We the N.C. Pastors’ Network do solemnly and unreservedly call on Governor Patrick McCrory to use his authority as governor of the state of North Carolina to defend our state’s marriage amendment which was passed by an overwhelming majority of N.C.’s citizens on May 8, 2012.'”

The second speaker at the press conference, Patrick Wooden, senior pastor of Upper Room Church of God in Christ in Raleigh, said, “The people of this state have spoken. The people spoke loud and clear. … We said we do not want marriage in the state of North Carolina redefined.

“As an African American minister, as a part of this community, as a native North Carolinian and a proud American, I want to say to the governor, ‘We need you, even in the African American community, to fight that marriage not be redefined.'”

Wooden said he wants the governor to know that 73 percent of African American children are born into homes where there are no dads. “We have a disaster going on,” he said. “We do not need to add to the mix a redefining of marriage, where young black boys and young black girls would now be brought up in homes where there are two moms or two dads, only to add to the confusion.”

Wooden called on McCrory to “vigorously defend” the state’s marriage amendment since two-parent marriages are “a great deterrent to poverty” that reduce the need for government handouts.

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SOURCE: Baptist Press
K. Allan Blume/Biblical Recorder

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