New “Persecuted” Movie Is Not Your Typical Christian Film


A member of Congress frames a nationally known evangelist for murder because he tries to block sweeping reform. That’s the plot for a new political thriller, “Persecuted,” coming to theaters this spring.

Most have heard the expression ‘art imitating life’ and this films seems to be no exception. Director Daniel Lusko told CBN News that the frightening scenario is not as farfetched as you might think.

CBN News Anchor Wendy Griffith, who plays a legal expert in the film, recently sat down with Lusko and actor Brad Stine to talk about the new movie.

Griffith: Daniel, what inspired you to write “Persecuted?”

Lusko: The Holy Spirit inspired me to write “Persecuted” – I woke up one morning, and it was there. The government is trying to take control of everything, including the very source that gave our country its foundation, which is Biblical truth.

Veteran actor James Remar plays lead character, Evangelist John Luther. We met on location while filming in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Griffith: Tell me about John Luther.

Lusko: John Luther is the hero of our story. And he becomes a major evangelist at the level of a Billy Graham, at a time when America becomes an unwelcoming environment for the Gospel. And he’s discredited. He is tarnished. He is taken away from his family, and his ministry, for doing so. And eventually, has to go on the run as a fugitive to prove the truth.

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