Most Americans Say Jesus Would Approve of Universal Healthcare

Most Americans Say Jesus Would Approve of Universal Healthcare

A recent poll suggests that a majority of Americans believe Jesus would have backed universal healthcare. According to a YouGov survey released earlier in July, 55 percent of respondents believe that Christ would have endorsed the issue.

Despite this majority, a slight minority of American Protestants believed that the Jesus they knew would have supported universal healthcare. Only 48 percent of Protestants suggested this, in contrast to the 57 percent of Catholics who argued that their religion’s founder would have backed it.

Aside from Jesus, 46 percent of Protestants and 55 percent of Catholics themselves backed the policy.

In addition to studying Christ’s followers thoughts on his sentiments surrounding universal healthcare, the study also asked what Americans believed his convictions were on abortion, gay marriage, the death penalty, high taxes on the wealthy, stricter gun laws, and reducing carbon emissions.

Of the six issues mentioned above, the only one which the majority of Americans (52 percent) believed that Jesus might support was reducing carbon emissions. Sixty-four percent of Americans also endorsed them.

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Source: Christian Post | Morgan Lee

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