Judge Rules that California Baptist University Did Not Violate Civil Rights Law When it Expelled Transgender Student

California Baptist University
California Baptist University

A transgender woman lost the majority of her claims in a lawsuit waged against a Christian college, with a judge ruling that California Baptist University did not violate a California civil rights law in expelling her over allegations that she committed fraud.

But while Superior Court Judge Gloria Connor Trask ruled in favor of the school on four of the five claims made by Domaine Javier, 27, the judge did find that the college was wrong to exclude her from off-campus services that are open to the public, the Riverside County Press-Enterprise reported.

In her lawsuit, Javier cited breach of contract, breach of implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing and violation of the Unruh Civil Rights Act — a state law preventing discrimination — for her suspension and expulsion.

Trask affirmed that the college offers a religious education and that it is deeply rooted in Christian tradition and is, thus, not a business establishment in violation of the Unruh Act, according to the Christian Post.

“Every secular subject is expressly intertwined with a values-based Christian religious component, taught by a Christian,” the judge wrote in her decision. “Whatever economic benefit the student hopes to gain from the CBU educational experience, CBU clearly intends to send forth an engineer, nurse, businessperson, or teacher who will be able to apply its religious values in the secular world.”

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SOURCE: Billy Hallowell 
The Blaze

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