Pediatric HIV Specialist Hannah Gay Says Child’s Relapse Is Surrounded by God’s Blessings

Hannah Gay
Hannah Gay

God is in the details of the change in HIV status of a Mississippi baby once thought cured of the virus, pediatric HIV specialist Hannah Gay said after the virus began replicating anew in the child.

“I have learned that often the hand of God is evident in the details and even in this relapse it has been no different,” Gay told Baptist Press today (July 14) after tests revealed the virus was again growing in the child, breaking a remission of more than two years.

“For confidentiality reasons I cannot share any of those details publicly but there are many and they have helped to not just reaffirm my faith in God,” Gay said, “but to actually strengthen it.”

Gay administered a groundbreaking, aggressive antiviral drug trio to the child within 30 hours of its birth four years ago to an HIV-positive mother. Gay had always given God credit for the treatment’s success. While scientists speculated the child was cured and continued monitoring her status, Gay never assumed the child’s status would remain the same.

“If I ever said that I believed that God had healed this child for all time, I misspoke, because I certainly do not have the wisdom to say what God has in His plan,” Gay said. “My intent was to communicate that I had not created or discovered something magical, but that it was the work of God.”

The international scientific community took notice in March, 2013, when Gay announced the virus was no longer replicating in the baby who had received no antiviral treatment for 10 months, because the mother had failed to bring the baby to appointments at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, where Gay is professor of pediatric infectious diseases.

Gay continues to monitor the child and periodically sends samples of the child’s blood to the labs of colleagues for ultrasensitive tests.

“In reality I have never understood why God chose to touch this baby and allow her to get off of medicine. I have never understood why He chose to do that here and now,” Gay said. “I have certainly never understood why God chose to involve me in this story when that is not something I would have chosen for myself. And I don’t know now why He chose to send us all along what seems to be a different path.

“But I learned many, many years ago that God is far too big for me to understand Him, but at the same time that His love for mankind is just as far beyond my comprehension,” she noted. “So I trust Him even when I don’t understand.”

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SOURCE: Baptist Press
Diana Chandler

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