Beware of Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing on Social Media

Social Media

Nearly 78% of American homes have broadband internet, and 67% of all Americans use social media. Around 72% of all internet users worldwide are on social media. That’s over 1 billion people — and 90% of them are on Facebook.

Increasing internet access and the explosion in social media have provided false shepherds with a powerful tool to expand their platform and influence, and reach as large an audience as possible.

But all of this exposure on the internet, and social media in particular, has proven to be a double-edged sword.

Along with the greater ability to reach a bigger audience, greater numbers of people will see when a false shepherd is teaching error, outright lying, performing fake ‘miracles’, caught in sexual sin, and committing financial fraud and other crimes. All it takes is for someone to share a video, article, Facebook status or a tweet on Twitter.

With a few clicks and in a matter of moments, hundreds, thousands, and even millions of people can see these false shepherds for who they really are: wolves and hirelings.

False shepherds find this very frustrating and bothersome.

There was a time when they had more control over their public image and content. Back before almost everyone had the internet and all we had was TV, newspapers, and magazines.

Back then, false shepherds would promote their carefully crafted content on apostate religious channels like TBN, through VHS tapes, CDs, DVDs, and newsletters sent through the mail. Also in their own pulpits and at conferences.

All of these mediums were a controlled environment. A controlled environment is a setting where a false shepherd exercises an authoritative or dominating influence over others. In such an environment, a false shepherd can say and do whatever he pleases and no one is allowed to question him, correct him as their equal, or warn the rest of the congregation about him.

In a controlled environment, holding false shepherds accountable is forbidden and considered blasphemy or “touching God’s anointed.” There is an unholy code of silence in leadership and the people are afraid to voice their concerns or even hint that something is seriously wrong with “the man or woman of God.”

In a controlled environment, false shepherds are perceived as the main speaker, the highest authority figure, the most spiritually smart, the most accurate interpreter of Scripture, having the deepest revelation, and the greatest example of spiritual maturity. This gives them a great deal of control and false authority over their followers.

In a controlled environment, unfruitful works of darkness are covered up and concealed through damage control. This damage control can be a circle of yes-men who defend the false shepherd against all allegations, or an administrative assistant who screens and intercepts the phone calls, emails, and in-office visits of concerned Christians.

Another damage control tactic is what I call “passive aggressive sermons.” This is when false shepherds stand in the pulpit and target Christians who speak out and attempt to bully them into silence and ostracize them in ‘sermons.’ But this is done in an indirect manner without using the person’s name, by making innuendos that let the congregation know who he is speaking about and not to associate with them because they are “sowing discord” “causing confusion” “under God’s wrath for putting their mouth on His servant” “in rebellion to authority” or a “Jezebel spirit.”

Passive aggressive sermons are a common method of damage control. It’s like plastering a huge scarlet letter on the chest of Christians who rock the boat. They are seen as having ‘spiritual malaria’ or a demon, and very few people in the congregation would be willing to associate with them and consider what they have to say. Christians who find themselves singled out in this way are faced with two decisions: leave, or wait to be shown the door.

All of this damage control creates a wall of defense around the false shepherd, protecting him from public exposure and deflecting anyone who would question him, reprove him, and warn others. But it appears that this wall has come crashing down.

The internet and social media are not a controlled environment for false shepherds. They have lost control of their public image and content online.

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False Shepherds On Social Media

SOURCE: Exit Churchianity

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