Teacher Krystal Monique Reddick Shares her Story of Living with Bipolar Disorder

Krystal Monique Reddick   MADELINE CEDENO
Krystal Monique Reddick

My Thing Is: I’m a teacher with mental illness who’s living proof that everyone’s fighting a battle you know nothing about. That’s why I’ve decided to tell my story. 

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2007, but it was just recently that I started a blog, Manic Monique’s Meanderings: My Journey to Wellness. I’m an English teacher at an all-girls school by day, but I am writing in my free time because I plan to publish a memoir about my experience with bipolar disorder in two years.

Here’s how this all started. This entire past year I’ve felt awful. I had insomnia. I couldn’t fall asleep, I couldn’t stay asleep and I woke early. I didn’t feel sad. But I did feel empty. Nothing about life excited me. Toward the end of May, I started to feel better. I thought I was turning over a new leaf in terms of my mood. But I was suspicious. I felt too good. Life was a lot brighter. Maybe too much brighter. I didn’t feel empty; I felt alive. But if it acts like a duck, talks like a duck, it’s a duck. Meaning: It’s mania.

And I was right. It was mania. I’ve dealt with it before.

Then I saw my therapist on a Tuesday in June and told him how I felt. At the end of the session we agreed that the way I was feeling wasn’t due to my bipolar disorder, and I wasn’t manic. It was just that I had normal stuff to get excited about: dating, moving back home to get out of debt, wanting to get my driver’s license and traveling plans for my summer vacation.

The next day, on Wednesday, June 4, I went to Brooklyn, N.Y., to see Janelle Monáe perform. After the concert, my friend Chavonne asked me, “What’s going on?” At first I didn’t know what she was referring to. Then she asked if I was manic.

To be honest, I resented the question. Why couldn’t she be happy for me that I had turned over a new leaf? Was no longer sad and depressed? Then I had to check myself because I had been thinking the same damn thing! To placate her, I told her that I had seen my therapist the night before and we agreed that I wasn’t manic. So I wasn’t.

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