The New Bathroom Gender Sign (Bathrooms Where Men, Women, and Homosexuals Can Go In and Use Together) Say What!


The Fox & Friends crew had a good laugh this morning over the idea that Illinois State University has decided to introduce gender-neutral restrooms on its campus, to replace the previously-labeled “family” restrooms. Heather Nauert (who incorrectly said the change was happening at Indiana State University) began by saying, “Someone call the P.C. police and you’re not going to believe this one,” before showing the below image of the new signs. Her colleagues’ audible laughter was heard in the background.

Nauert noted that the change did not come from the students but rather directly from administrators who said they want to create an “all human” restroom. “What do you think of that?” she asked. “You’ve got the man on the top and the skirt on the bottom.”

“I would just sit and stare, I wouldn’t know what to do!” host Brian Kilmeade exclaimed off-screen.

“Brian’s confused by this,” Nauert said. “We’re all a little confused by it.”

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SOURCE: Mediaite
Matt Wilstein

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