Nigerian ” Prophet” Did Not Rise From the Dead as Church Expected After Not Burying him For a Year

Iretiola Ajanaku
Iretiola Ajanaku

When you have a person you believe to have super-human powers, it’s hard to let that person go.

Nigerian “prophet” Iretiola Ajanaku had convinced his followers that he had the ability to heal sick people, make the deaf hear and perform all sorts of other miracles that created a massive following for him. His last great act was going to be to rise from the dead a few days after his death.

So, when the minister was buried, his parishioners chose to wait for him to come back as he’d promised, and they were sure that he was going to follow through. So, they waited, and waited and waited…..still nothing. He died last August, which is quite a long time to keep a dead body around. They likely didn’t freeze him, since it would be more difficult to rise from the dead when your body is frozen.

After waiting for one year, the congregation finally realized that their beloved prophet was really gone and wasn’t coming back anytime soon. That’s when they went ahead and decided to bury him. The church announced that they are going to hold a funeral service for the pastor in the grand style to which he was accustomed. But there are some who might think that he’s just holding on for a big finale.

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