LISTEN: Deitrick Haddon’s Ex-Wife Speaks Out


There were very few stories that shook the Christian community like the love triangle involving Gospel artists Deitrick Haddon, Damita, and Isaac Carree. Through it all Damita Remained silent for over two years while going through the divorce process and continued to stay silent far beyond that. Ridiculed by ex-husband Deitrick Haddon on social media, the singer hit rock bottom when all the drama took place closely after her mother’s death.

Now for the first time the newly remarried singer speaks exclusively to Path MEGAzine about what really happened during her 15 year relationship with the singer, actor and “Preachers of LA” reality TV star Deitrick Haddon.

Deitrick Haddon and Damita were both Co-Pastoring a church in Detroit when their lives would irrevocably be shifted by the scandal. Damita tells Path MEGAzine publisher Kris Patrick that half truths and inconsistencies in Deitrick’s statements wounded the ‘No looking back’ singer during the time she took the stones casted at her.

In the descriptive conversation Damita starts out by saying, “Truth with deception is not a whole truth.” In response to Deitrick’s public statement on social media Damita says, “It should have been handled behind closed doors.”

Damita stopped short of admitting or denying that she cheated, but she did give us a window into who did what. “If two people’s hands are dirty it behoves you not to throw stones.”

Elaborating, she goes on. “Honestly I think that he (Deitrick) had gotten himself in a situation, and he didn’t know how to get out of it, so the only thing he could do was play a blame game.”

Deitrick has admitted openly on his TV show that he did have a baby out of wedlock, but insists the relationship began after parting with Damita.

The bombshell in the interview came when Path MEGAzine publisher Kris Patrick asked Damita if her relationship was over with Deitrick Haddon before he courted his new girl (now wife) Dominique Mctyer, eventually getting her pregnant. Damita was adamant that the timeline he shared with the world didn’t match up.

Damita insists that any issues that they had were reconciled after her Mom had passed in 2011. Under the impression that their problems had been reconciled in June of that year, Damita discloses that Deitrick left her two days after she buried her mom, only to find out in December of 2011 that someone was pregnant. Damita wasn’t surprised when hearing about the baby, saying her intuition told her that someone was pregnant after Deitrick abruptly left her and his church behind.

Damita described the two years of accusations and shame on social media as ‘hell.’ Hell that got a little hotter for her when she found out that Deitrick was having a baby. The singer shared that she had been pregnant multiple times by her ex-husband, but lost the babies and almost died during one of the pregnancies. Damita emotionally voiced, “That was the nail in the coffin.”

When asked could the marriage have been saved Damita says, “absolutely.”

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SOURCE: Path Megazine
Kris Patrick

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