What Does Your Favorite Subway Sandwich Order Reveal About Your Character?

Have you ever stood in line behind someone at Subway and wondered why the hell he was getting whatever it was he was ordering? You tried not to care, but you started judging him intensely. “What kind of person orders the Buffalo Chicken sandwich?” you wondered. We’re here to tell you.

Just like your favorite breakfast pastry, your favorite pizza topping and your favorite kind of cheese, your favorite Subway sandwich can reveal a lot about your character. Are you shy and reserved or the life of the party? Do you play it safe or live on the edge? We bet your Subway order confirms more about your personality than you might think.

Here’s what your Subway sandwich order says about you:

Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki
You’re confused. You may have good intentions, but you have terrible instincts.

Meatball Marinara
You’re a ton of fun. You live life to the fullest and never apologize for it. You’re indulgent but also giving. You like spoiling yourself just as much as you do others.

Black Forest Ham
You’re a loyal friend and a committed partner. You would never turn your back on anyone, and you would do anything for the people you care about.

Turkey Breast
You’re classic and understated in the best way. Everyone respects you, and some even look up to you. You’re pretty awesome, and you kind of know it, but you’re modest and graceful.

Bacon, Egg & Cheese
You’re an early riser.

The Big Philly Cheesesteak
You are the life of the party. Everyone wants you at their party, and you’re always happy to oblige. Sometimes you get a little carried away, but the way you see it is: it’s only a good party if you have the hangover to prove it.

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SOURCE: The Huffington Post
Alison Spiegel

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