WATCH: Religious Group Suffers Injuries When Upstairs Floor Collapses

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At least two dozen people were injured Thursday when a second-floor garage apartment collapsed during a religious event held at a home in Katy.

The West I-10 Volunteer Fire Department and Houston firefighters responded to Park Mill at Park Rush shortly before 1 p.m. Thursday.

Houston Fire Department Captain Ruy Lozano said at least 125 people had gathered for the celebration when the incident occurred. Some of the people were in a room above a detached garage when the flooring gave way and collapsed into the garage below.

“Everyone was busy praying and it just collapsed,” one witness said.

Another witness said he heard a large “boom.”

“Some of the ladies fell down first,” Arund Kamdar said.

Witnesses said the second floor fell, making a pancake layer onto the first floor.

“My wife was also inside, underneath, she was at the bottom,” Kamdar said.

Kamdar said he and seven other men rushed in to try to hold up what they could.

“Four or five people gathered to take the ladies out one-by-one,” Kamdar said.

In all, 50 people were taken to hospitals.  Three people suffered “urgent” but not critical injuries, while the others mostly suffered minor injuries, Lozano said.

The youngest patient was reportedly 8 years old, firefighters told KHOU 11 News.

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Source: KHOU News

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