Bill Tolbert Uses Memoir to Encourage Readers to Never Give Up


ATLANTA, GA, (June 25, 2014) – In Don’t Give Up! God Is Not Through with You Yet, author Bill Tolbert shares the story of his difficult childhood, being orphaned at a young age, dealing with adolescent hardships, overcoming heartbreak, insecurity, and mistreatment, and ultimately as an adult, finding God, grace, and forgiveness. He shares his journey of not only finding forgiveness for himself, but learning to surrender his will to God long enough to forgive others, including his mother and father who abandoned him.This book will encourage readers to understand that no matter what one may have gone through in life, or how one may have been mistreated, abused, hurt, or neglected, God still has a purpose and a plan for his or her life. Tolbert reminds readers that life is not only about the struggle, but it is more about the courage and the ability to never give up. In sharing his story with the world, readers will also be able to declare with the author, “I am an appointment, not an accident.”

About Bill Tolbert: I believe God let me go through the things that I did first to trust in him and believe in him and to help someone else. It seems like the more I talked about my life story, the more God kept putting it in my heart to write it down. I just continued putting it off until I followed the Holy Spirit and began to cry and write, which took me about a year to get done. I’m presently living in Gary, Indiana, but I was born and raised in Chicago, which I still call home. Once you start this book you will get a better picture of my personal life and how the Holy Spirit moved the pen!

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