Moravian Church Follows Presbyterians In Approving Homosexual Clergy, Weddings

The Northern Province of the Moravian Church has approved gay marriage. (Wikipedia/JJackman)
The Northern Province of the Moravian Church has approved gay marriage. (Wikipedia/JJackman)

The Moravian Church’s Northern Province approved a proposal to allow gays and lesbians to be ordained and to create a religious ceremony for same-sex couples.

By a vote of 181-62, delegates to the 2014 Synod approved a proposal Sunday (June 22) that also includes provisions to revise the Northern Province’s Book of Order to reflect the changes.

“Moravians understand that God’s call to us is to welcome all people, because God’s embrace is far larger than our capacity to imagine,” said the Rev. Elizabeth D. Miller, president of the Provincial Elders’ Conference of the Moravian Church Northern Province.

This decision affects only those churches in the Northern Province, the largest of the denomination’s three provinces in the U.S. and Canada.

Four years ago, the province’s Synod mandated congregational forums for dialogue and prayer about the role of gays and lesbians in the church.

During an earlier session, delegates approved a resolution that affirmed the Northern Province’s commitment to be inclusive of differing views regarding gay and lesbian ordination.

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SOURCE: Religion News Service
Yonat Shimron

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