Man Writes 400,000 Words in One Year; How You Doing?

Unless it’s your profession, writing every day seems impossible. But with the right tools, it’s entirely doable. Here’s how.
I have been a proponent of the quantified self movement ever since I read Stephen Wolfram’s 2012 post, “The Personal Analytics of My Life,” where he illustrated how data about his behavior (walking, sleeping, writing, etc.) informed his efforts to improve. One question often asked in the quantified self movement centers on how we put to use the data we collect. Whether you wear a FitBit device, use a sleep-tracker, or record your mood, can the resulting data get put to use in a meaningful way?With this question in mind, I decided to use some of my own data to see if it was possible to turn my avocation into a full-time gig. By day, I’m a software developer. By night, I’m a science fiction writer and technology blogger. It would be wonderful, eventually, to do more of the latter and less of the former.

Stephen King has said that to be a writer, you need to do two things: read a lot and write a lot. Given my job and family, I never thought I had the time to write very much. But in March 2013 I decided to challenge that notion.

My plan was fairly simple: I would try to write every day. I would set aside any preconceived notions I had about the environment I needed in which to write. My focus would be on writing every day.

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SOURCE: Jamie Todd Rubin 
Daily Beast

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