David and Jason Benham Say When Christians Are Willing to Lose What They Have, They Can Speak Boldly About Their Faith

David and Jason Benham (HGTV)
David and Jason Benham (HGTV)

When Christians are willing to lose what they have, they can speak boldly about their faith, David and Jason Benham, brothers whose HGTV reality show was cancelled because they spoke about their Christian views, told The Christian Post.

“Freedom isn’t the ability to do get what you want, it’s the willingness to let go of what you have,” Jason Benham said. “When you are willing to release that back to God, what God has so graciously given to you, and you give it back to Him, then you have been set free. And on the foundation of freedom, you can be as bold as a lion.”

The brothers, who own a real estate company, were already filming episodes for the reality show in May when HGTV announced they were cancelling the show. The pressure from liberals to cancel the show began after Right Wing Watch posted information on its website showing that the Benhams held traditional Christian views of marriage, sexuality and abortion.

CP spoke with the Benham brothers Friday at the Faith & Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority conference in Washington, D.C., where FFC Chairman Ralph Reed presented them with an award for their willingness to take a stand for their religious beliefs.

When asked if they think Christians will face more incidents like they had with HGTV, David Benham answered, “if people remain silent, it’s going to continue to get worse, but if people step up, speak boldly the truth, then it can actually be pushed back.”

In order for them to have the courage to not back down, he continued, they had to be willing to lose what they had gained, including the show, a book deal and endorsements.

“When we were willing to do that, which only God can put in our hearts, we were able to be bold enough to speak,” he said.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Napp Nazworth

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