Veteran Hollywood Producer Steven Harris Shows Christians How to Succeed in the Industry

Steven Harris, veteran Hollywood producer
Steven Harris, veteran Hollywood producer

Experiencing success in Hollywood can be difficult, but producer Steven Harris believes Christians can prosper without losing their faith.  The key, he says, is making the right connections.

This viewpoint convinced Harris to launch the Inside Hollywood Entertainment Industry Boot Camp. The event is set for Thursday, July 17, through Saturday, July 19, at 10 a.m., at the Beverly Garland Hotel in Studio City.

“This exclusive interactive conference is the perfect opportunity to gain insight into television, film, castings, public relations, merchandising, reality television, and social media,” explained Harris.

“It’s such a hard task to break into the entertainment industry, but this conference will give you the opportunity to meet the executives and decision-makers up-close and personal.

“You will have direct access to getting the connections and help you need with your script, TV show ideas, and career choices.”

Agenda topics cover filmmaking, voice-overs, reality shows, producing, directing, radio, TV, marketing, production, business structure, and music for television and film. Also, top-level industry professionals from Fox, Disney, CBS, ABC, NBC, Universal, Hallmark Channel, the Grammy’s and Oscars will lead workshops and training sessions.

“This conference will provide an intimate experience for attendees.  They will be able to go behind the scenes and witness Hollywood in action at one of the biggest motion picture studios in the world,” said Harris.

“Then, on Saturday night, we are hosting the first Hollywood Gospel Film Festival.  Faith based filmmakers will have the opportunity to showcase and screen their film shorts in front of some of Hollywood’s elite film executives, studio decision makers, and guests live at the luxurious Garland Theater on location at the boot camp.”

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Source: LA Sentinel | Cora Jackson-Fossett

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