National Black Church Initiative Prepares to End BB&T Boycott

National Black Church Initiative

Leadership Turns Focus to Financial Literacy & Outreach

The National Black Church Initiative (NBCI), alongside the National Black Religious Broadcasters (NBRB), is currently making plans to end its boycott against BB&T Bank, in place since late 2013. The root cause of this boycott stemmed from complaints around unethical behavior, unnecessary fees, online banking trickery, bad loans, rude personnel and overall uneasiness concerning white personnel towards black customers.

Both NBRB and NBCI trained religious broadcasters throughout the Southeast, reaching nearly 10,000 broadcasters who delivered the message that this type of corporate behavior was intolerable and needed to be met with decisive action.

NBCI most recent partnership with TrustEgg, Inc., plans to open easy-to-use savings accounts for African American children, leveraging social media to help secure the futures of more than one million youth.

“We must no longer spend negative energy. NBCI must move in a positive direction, focusing on finding employment for our members, identifying helpful financial products and creating critical strategic alliances that will help us successfully launch NBCI’s Comprehensive Financial Literacy Program” says Rev. Anthony Evans, NCBI President. “As organizations that represent the interests of underserved minorities, NBCI and NBRB were obligated to intervene by any means necessary. We are now prepared to turn the corner and focus on efforts that build up the financial literacy and well-being of African Americans.”

“At this point, we feel sufficient progress has been made, thanks to the dedication of our congregants. As a faith-based organization, we are against continuing harmful action once a point has been reached where the culprit fully understands reasoning behind retribution.”

NBCI leadership hopes to collaborate with BB&T leadership and others banks in the near future on more ways to help implement other financial literacy outreach programs. “We hope to involve their expertise with our broad based membership to bridge the socioeconomic divides that continue to impact our congregants” Evans said. “We truly believe the future holds promise for a great partnership.”

About NBCI
The National Black Church Initiative (NBCI) is a coalition of 34,000 churches working to eradicate racial disparities in healthcare, technology, education, housing, and the environment. NBCI’s mission is to provide critical wellness information to all of its members, congregants, churches and the public. NBCI offers faith-based, out-of-the box and cutting edge solutions to stubborn economic and social issues. NBCI’s programs are governed by credible statistical analysis, science based strategies and techniques, and methods that work. Visit our website at

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