International Widows Day: June Hunt Gives Encouragement to Widows Who Feel All Alone

June Hunt

They number in the hundreds of millions around the world, and yet to many they are invisible. Their struggles with poverty and human rights violations aren’t tracked by statistics in some countries because their plight evokes no pity. They are looked over and looked past, detached from any significant identity and often considered nonentities.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, “It can be said that no group is more affected by the sin of omission than are widows.” And this “sin of omission” is resulting in a humanitarian crisis in Southeast Asian countries like India and Sri Lanka where many of the more than 40 million widows “survive” either by waiting for people to throw food or money at them on the streets or by resorting to prostitution.

To draw attention to the difficulties of widows around the world, June 23 has been designated as International Widows Day.

In places like Sri Lanka, Hope For The Heart is working to bring hope of a better future to all who have been marginalized, especially to the nation’s many wartime widows who lost their husbands during long-running civil conflict within the country. Hope Centers are being established all over the island nation of Sri Lanka to provide hope and help to those who need it most right in their own neighborhoods. These centers are staffed entirely by Sri Lankans who offer biblical guidance to make powerful life changes.

One lady from a Hindu background recently contacted Hope For The Heart to share her story because “God has done so many good things in my life!” Many of these “good things” came about only after tragedy and hardship.

She told us how her family was displaced as a result of the warfare and how her husband lost his life near the end of the war in 2009. She was left to provide and care for her four children while living in a refugee camp. She described her situation: “At this critical time I was really troubled and fear of my future, so I was forced to suicide with my children [sic].”

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SOURCE: Christian Post
June Hunt

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