Christian Homeschooling Families Lead Fight Against ‘Common Core’ Standards

Christian Homeschooling Families Lead Fight Against ‘Common Core’ Standards

As states across the country grapple with the controversial ‘Common Core’ educational guidelines, many Christian homeschooling families and organizations are leading the charge against the standards, asserting that they threaten parents’ rights to educate their children.

Several states—including Texas, Virginia, Indiana, Oklahoma, and, most recently, Louisiana—have all taken steps to partially or completely opt out of the Common Core curriculum. The nationalized Common Core standards would require schools to meet certain learning benchmarks at each grade level, but some educators and lawmakers are skeptical about the program.

“We’re very alarmed about choice and local control of curriculum being taken away from our parents and educators,” Louisiana Governor Billy Jindal stated in a recent press conference.

In addition to educators and lawmakers, many Christian homeschooling families and homeschooling organizations have expressed opposition to Common Core. BJU Press, a leading publisher of Christian homeschooling materials, strongly condemned the motive behind the new standards.

“BJU Press is adamantly opposed to federal direction or involvement in the content or methods of the educational system, whether directly or indirectly,” the company stated in an article on Common Core.

According to a report published this week by the Associated Press, homeschooling parents were instrumental in supporting legislation which repealed the Common Core standards in Oklahoma. Jenni White, a homeschooling mother in Oklahoma who describes herself as a follower of Jesus Christ, was especially elated when her state repealed the educational guidelines. The decision came after White and other homeschool parents spent hours lobbying for parental rights across the state.

“You name it. We had to do it,” White told the Associated Press. “We just had to do it out of a shoestring budget out of our own accounts.”

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