WATCH: Destiny’s Child Gets Back Together… to Sing and Dance About Jesus

ABC US News | ABC Celebrity News

You can shut down your computer after you read this article. Turn on your away message, go home, and get into bed, because nothing else you do today can possibly top the news that, for one video only, the women of Destiny’s Child are BACK TOGETHER.

In the video for her new single “Say Yes,” Williams dances exuberantly down side streets and in front of a tree, singing about how “when Jesus say yes, nobody can say no.” After the first chorus, Beyoncé shows up in front of the tree; then Kelly Rowland takes the bridge. If you’re not singing along on your feet at that point, maybe make sure you have a soul?

The song is a dance remix of a popular Nigerian gospel song–you can see the Soweto Gospel Choir performing the song last year at a New York Church–and makes a case for trusting God even when you’re worried. Sample lyrics:

Where you lead me, Lord I will go
I have no fear cause I know who’s in control
There’s no limit to what you can do
Cause it all belongs to you, yes it all belongs to you
You’re almighty and all powerful
And it all belongs to you, yes it all belongs to you

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SOURCE: Laura Turner 
Religion News Service

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