Ann Nesby Talks About her Role with the American Heart Association and her New Music

Ann Nesby Talks About her Role with the American Heart Association and her New Music

Now that working class citizens have access to affordable health care, the time has come for African Americans to check, change and control the quality of their lives. This initiative is being carried out by the American Heart Association and its new Metro Atlanta spokesperson Ann Nesby.

The Grammy-award winning singer, and congestive heart failure survivor, was granted a second chance to live. She’s using this opportunity to spread awareness about heart disease in women of color.

In a one-on-one interview with EURweb’s Lee Bailey, Nesby opened up about the new direction of her career and shared her experiences with helping others gain control of their health.

“In 2004, my life changed,” she expressed with unabashed candor. “Ever since the diagnosis, I’ve been making sure to check my blood pressure and cholesterol levels. I’ve have control over my life now: I make regular doctor’s visits and I’m encouraging everyone around me that I love to do the same. I’m excited it about it.”

She added, “I’m always speaking on behalf of The American Heart Association. I’ve been given a platform to change people’s lives. It’s something that affects me and I’m able to share my wisdom along with sharing the gift of music.”

Most experts will suggest eating the foods you love in moderation, rather than giving them up cold turkey. Nesby embraces this concept; she also understands the value of consistency in relation to proper health.

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Source: EURWeb

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