Al Sharpton and the National Action Network Are Making Senior Staff Changes and Preparing for Freedom Summer 2014

Rev. Al Sharpton Talks to Tom Joyner About FBI Informant Controversy

Rev. Al Sharpton, President of National Action Network announced a major expansion of NAN’s senior staff today. Gearing up for the freedom summer campaign, NAN will target ten states to support voter engagement and fight voter suppression by providing critical ground support.

NAN’s newly announced team members include: Rev. Nelson B. Rivers, VP of Religious Affairs and External Relations; Trudy Grant, Manager, Religious Affairs and External Relations; Rev. Charles White, Director of Field Operations; and Rev. Gregory Seal Livingston, Illinois State Chair.

Both Rev. Rivers and Rev. White are former national senior staff members of NAACP and Ms. Grant managed the NAACP national relationships within the faith community, fraternal and civic groups. Rev. Livingston is a former national staff member of Rainbow PUSH Coalition.

Rev. Sharpton stated, “We bring these seasoned and established leaders on board at a critical time when voting and economic rights for Black and Latino Americans are in real peril. We are taking a deliberate and important step toward arming NAN with the most talented leadership to build a movement of resistance.

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Source: EURWeb

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