Dr. Tony Evans Shares with God’s People What They Can Do to Keep Their Faith Alive

Dr. Tony Evans
Dr. Tony Evans

‘This Is Not Your Mother’s Generation,’ Says Texas Megachurch Pastor and Urban Alternative President

Research has shown over the last few years an increase in the number of atheists as well as an increase in the number of religiously-unaffiliated Americans, a sign to some that Christianity is on the decline. However, others argue that the number of convictional Christians, compared to the number of cultural Christians, remains stable. But how long will that stability last? And how can Christians remain relevant and authentic witnesses in an ever-increasing post-Christian America?

Tony Evans, senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas, and president of The Urban Alternative, recently took on this issue in an interview with The Christian Post.

His suggestions?

1. Contextualize the truth without compromising the truth, which means churches must roll with the times by embracing technology. “This is not your mother’s generation,” says Evans.

2. Never pit righteousness against justice. As Evans explains, “You have to balance the two consistently, ongoingly because the two don’t compete. They’re the great compliment of Scripture.”

3. Create clear paths to leadership. “Churches need to be intentional about reaching the next generation by creating templates for young people to see that there is a stepping stone for leadership in this church,” says Evans.

4. Handle the Word of God rightly and engage the Holy Spirit for unity among people, races, and cultures.

5. Make a distinction between membership and fellowship. According to Evans, “You can fellowship with people you can’t have membership with.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post
Nicola Menzie

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