Tennessee Pastors, Todd and Erin Stevens, Are Loving and Serving People Just as They Are

Todd and Erin Stevens
Todd and Erin Stevens

Todd and Erin say they had a normal life. Todd was a computer programmer and Erin was a human resource director, until God came and changed everything. Todd and Erin went on a 21-day fast to find a building or some land for their church as they had outgrown their current location. After the prayer was over, God spoke to Erin to go “love on strippers.” Erin had never been to a strip club, or smoked or even drank alcohol. Erin says she was a ‘goody-goody’ but God chose her to minister to strippers.

Erin then called a strip club and asked if she could bring some food for the girls there. She did not want to preach or hand out flyers, she just wanted to love on them. The manager agreed and asked her to come over. Ever since then, Erin has been going to these clubs with food, gifts and her loving heart. Todd, Erin’s husband says, “our mission is to love in a practical way with no strings attached.”

Todd pastors Friendship Community Church where mostly strippers, addicts, bartenders, homosexuals and Muslims come to visit. Their motto is to share the love of Christ by doing practical things such as being a person in whom people can trust, even if it means answering calls at 5 am. They say that if God can use a pastor’s wife to help strippers, God can use anyone to pour out His love unconditionally. Todd and Erin model Christ and want Christians to show God’s love in practical ways. Todd goes to restaurants to talk to people about Christ whether they are introverted, extroverted, rich or poor.

When Erin ministers to the girls, she usually takes some food and gifts. She has been going for two years and has built relationships with them. She says the girls recognize her and hug her when she steps in. She helps them get dressed, do their make-up or sometimes just talks about their spouses or boyfriends. Erin has gained their trust. She says she doesn’t preach or condemn them but tells them that they are valuable to God and valuable to her. Erin exemplifies what she says by modeling Christ.

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SOURCE: The 700 Club

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