Apple Puts Cheaper, Less Powerful iMac on the Market

Apple's 21.5 inch iMac is now cheaper than ever, but less powerful too.
Apple’s 21.5 inch iMac is now cheaper than ever, but less powerful too.

Apple has unveiled its lowest-cost iMac yet, slashing the price of its basic 21.5 inch model to create an entry-level machine it is selling now from its online store for $1349.

While the capabilities of the all-in-one have also been moved back slightly to accomodate the price-drop, the 21.5 inch model now represents a less-expensive step into the Apple ecosystem that isn’t as brawny and pricey as the 27-inch iMac but still includes a good quality screen and keyboard, unlike the tiny standalone Mac Mini.

The Intel Iris Pro graphics processing unit (GPU) has been replaced in favour of the Intel HD Graphics 5000, meaning less intensive graphics processing, although the Iris and an even more powerul Nvidia GPU are offered as optional upgrades. The default hard drive has also been ratcheted down to 500 gigabytes.

As with other iMac models, the new entry-level one comes standard with Wi-Fi, bluetooth and USB 3.0 ports.

It also comes with free copies of iWork and iLife pre-installed, and although the recently-announced OSX Yosemite is not yet available users who pick up a new machine in the meantime will be able to upgrade for free when it releases.

SOURCE: Brisbane Times

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