Thousands Accept Christ During United Evangelical Event Led by Franklin Graham In Warsaw, Poland

Worship was powerful during both nights of the Franklin Graham event. BGEA
Worship was powerful during both nights of the Franklin Graham event.

The motto of Warsaw, Poland, is “Contemnit procellas” or “It defies the storms”—a fitting statement considering the city’s war history.

“This is a battleground,” Franklin Graham had said earlier in the day.

But he wasn’t just talking about Warsaw’s war-torn past. He was referring to the spiritual fight the ministry had come to win with the Festival of Hope, June 14-15 in Warsaw.

And because of God’s work, it was in fact a victory.

The two-night event ended with thousands of responses to the invitation to accept Christ. More than 30,000 people heard the Gospel preached by Franklin Graham at Pepsi Arena. And even more outside of Warsaw watched the event online thanks to BGEA live streaming the event at

Looking out into the crowd, you couldn’t help but be moved by the mix of people of all ages and backgrounds.

“Altogether, we can change the world,” Newsboys lead singer Michael Tait said from the stage Sunday night.

Where each person came from or how they got there didn’t matter. The crowd simply wanted to hear about the “hope” the Festival’s name promised to offer. And they did.

“God loves you. And God wants to give you everlasting life, but that only comes through faith in Jesus Christ,” Franklin Graham told the crowd. “Will you accept His love?”

Sunday’s message at the Festival of Hope in Warsaw came from Mark 8:34-38, a familiar yet compelling Scripture that asks, “What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?”

Franklin Graham repeated the question throughout the night, and it hit home for many listening.

“You could have all the iPhones in the world … control all of the armies of the earth. You could put all the euros and stack them in this arena,” he said. “Your soul is still more valuable.”

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Cicely Gosier

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