T.I. says Azealia Banks is ‘Bringing Attention to her Own Weaknesses’ with Insulting Tweets About his Wife, Tiny


If getting under T.I.’s skin was Azealia Banks’ ultimate goal over the past 24 hours, then she’s achieved it. Her nasty tweets about Tip’s wife, Tiny — which she continued to share and delete — prompted him to snap back with some threats and insults on Instagram, and then he really went off for the MTV News camera.

First of all, Tip called Banks “cowardly” for continuing to delete her messages.

“Any time we speak on certain matters that are above us, we merely bring attention to all of our weaknesses,” he said. “And her speaking on my family, I think people then look at her [like], this person who had this to say — let’s see what they looked like. Well, my word. You should’ve said that with a mask on.”

“Burn the baby pictures!” he added laughing.

The Atlanta rapper, who just premiered his latest single “Mediocre” (featuring Banks’ nemesis Iggy Azalea) doesn’t seem to be too phased by all the trolling. “Ever since this person has been introduced into the community, they do nothing but unnecessarily kick up dust and create controversy and confusion.”

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