New York City Launch of NBCI and TrustEgg Partnership Promises One Million Accounts for Children’s Future

National Black Church Initiative
National Black Church Initiative

WASHINGTON, June 16, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The National Black Church Initiative (NBCI), a faith-based coalition of 34,000 churches comprised of 15 denominations and 15.7 million African Americans, will announce a ground-breaking strategic partnership with TrustEgg, Inc. on June 19 at the historic Canaan Baptist Church in New York City. This partnership will offer one million children the benefit of TrustEgg’s expertise and resources to NBCI’s nationwide membership base of over 15 million congregants across the country.

“This collaboration will leverage TrustEgg’s relatable financial resources to help bridge the socioeconomic divide affecting African American families.” said Reverend Anthony Evans, NBCI President.

During the June 19th launch, NBCI leadership will be joined by community leaders and elected officials in an event that promises to reach African American families with the message that early and often savings is within their reach through partners like TrustEgg.

“TrustEgg’s resources translate the oftentimes intimidating obstacles of financial savings.” said Evans. “We are a trusted financial and housing expert in the Black Church community. By leveraging social media networks we can make saving money as easy as logging onto Facebook accounts. Delivering easy-to-understand financial resources is a difficult task, and TrustEgg makes it possible.”

Over the next few months, both organizations will work together through grassroots efforts to engage as much of the black faith community as possible, carrying the message that early financial planning delivers great rewards and creating over one million accounts for families and children.

About NBCI
The National Black Church Initiative (NBCI) is a coalition of 34,000 African American and Latino churches working to eradicate racial disparities in healthcare, technology, education, housing, and the environment. NBCI offers faith-based, out-of-the-box and cutting edge solutions to stubborn economic and social issues. NBCI’s programs are governed by credible statistical analysis, science based strategies and techniques, and methods that work. Visit our website at

About TrustEgg
TrustEgg is the simplest way to save for a child’s future. TrustEgg enables anyone to create a Trust for their child in minutes for free with no minimums. The Trust can then be shared with friends and family. TrustEgg is a better savings option for the 70+ million children in the U.S. under 1.

SOURCE National Black Church Initiative

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