The worst-kept secret in social networking arrives today in the U.S.: Facebook’s Slingshot app is now available for iOS and Android owners.

Reports of the Snapchat-like Slingshot first emerged in May, and the actual app accidentally leaked last week before it was yanked offline. Now, Slingshot officially hits smartphones this week, with the promise of “a space [to] share everyday moments with lots of people at once.”

Similar to Snapchat, the app allows users to send messages that eventually self-destruct—fostering creativity. But the developer team at Facebook’s Creative Labs added a new twist: recipients cannot view your content until they’ve sent a message in return.

The move could tap into user’s curiosity, or just leave tons of unviewed images sitting in your inbox.

And while Slingshot allows the addition of captions and drawings to photos, it also offers a different take on the ephemeral messaging concept. Users can save unlocked “shots” for later; but as soon as the message is swiped away, it is deleted.

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