The Best Countries for Female Entrepreneurs

The Best Countries for Female Entrepreneurs

Where in the world do women entrepreneurs have the best shot at prospering?

In the United States, Australia, Sweden, France and Germany, according to the second annual Gender-GEDI ranking commissioned by Dell.

The global study of 30 developing and developed economies evaluated and scored each country on business and gender-specific issues, and how they impact the growth of “high potential” businesswomen.

“High potential” women entrepreneurs aren’t just starting a business for themselves but are adding jobs, expanding into new markets and even looking for export opportunities, said Gender-GEDI project director Ruta Aidis.

“We’re analyzing this group because the study is focused on quality and not quantity of female entrepreneurs,” she said.

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Chile, the United Kingdom, Poland, Spain and Mexico were the other nations in the top 10.

The countries were scored on factors such as access to capital, business risk, legal rights and access to education for women and rate of female startup activity.

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Source: CNN Money | Parija Kavilanz  @CNNMoney

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