Mali Music Releases New CD “Mali Is…” With RCA Records

Mali Music
Mali Music

Growing up in Savannah, Georgia, the man now known as Mali Music grew up in the church. He has had a career as a gospel artist but has now moved into the secular ranks with a deal with RCA Records. This move didn’t sit well with some of those who first encountered him via gospel music, and they took to various social media outlets to say so. Mali says despite the classification change, he’s still the same artist at heart.

“There has been no change, there has just been an elevation because of the platform that gospel music has been considered on. So now it is because of what I’m doing.”

He considers his music to still be inspirational. Sybil Wilkes says that it’s music that even heathens can ride to.

The former Kourtney Jamaal Pollard, 26, got his musical moniker from his middle name Jamal, which became as it often does in Black families, abbreviated to Mali. At 11, Mali became the musical director at his church. At 16, armed with Pro Tools and recording equipment, he crafted an independent album The Coming after a strong response from his MySpace page.

After gaining popularity as a traditional gospel artist, Mali performed during the Music Matter segment at the BET Awards and was approached by Akon, but ultimately signed with Wayne Barrow and Mark Pitts’ Bystorm Entertainment. His RCA release Mali Is…is out June 17th.

“I’m so excited about it. I put my whole heart into it and it’s the evolution from where it was before to where it is now and I don’t think anybody can not relate to it.”

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SOURCE: Black America Web

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