Defeated Eric Cantor Speaks at New York Synagogue; Finds Reassurance in Jewish Faith

Eric Cantor (Photo: Reuters)
Eric Cantor (Photo: Reuters)

Rep. Eric Cantor, the House majority leader crushed in a shocking Republican primary Tuesday, has found religion.

“Having been through what I’ve been through this week … as Jews we have studied the Torah, we read every week in some way, shape or form, and are reminded about personal setbacks — but we are also reminded about optimism of the future, about that bigger goal, that bigger vision that we as Jews are about” the Republican told 250 worshippers at a Father’s Day service Saturday at Hampton Synagogue in Westhampton Beach.

“Our country, this democracy, is about action, it is about participating, it is about speaking your voice and let it be heard,” he said.

Cantor, who plans to step down as majority leader on Aug. 1, spoke at a service honoring Jerry W. Levin, his friend and a top fundraiser for state Sen. Lee Zeldin (R-Suffolk).

He ducked a reporter’s questions about the implications of his defeat when four security guards hustled him away into a bathroom.

SOURCE:  Taylor Vecsey 
The New York Post

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