WATCH: Anthony Evans Releases Music Video for New “Never Fail” Gospel Single

Anthony Evans

Singer-songwriter Anthony Evans unveils his new Gospel single and music video for the track, “Never Fail,” from his chart-topping recent album release, Real Life/Real Worship.

“Never Fail” is a celebration of God’s unwavering promise to stand by His people, a promise proclaimed in Philippians 1:6, Anthony’s favorite Biblical verse which was the inspiration for the song. Co-written with acclaimed Gospel music legend, Martha Munizzi and her daughter Danielle Munizzi, the song’s passionate lyrics and Anthony’s soaring vocals praise God’s omnipresence and His will to never fail us.

“With this new record I wanted to write songs that reminded me about the faithfulness of God,” explains Anthony. “‘Never Fail’ reminds us that God will do in us what He has promised in spite of our unfaithfulness. Philippians 1:6 is my favorite verse–He will finish what he started in us.”

Anthony teamed up with EDM-style producer Max Stark to create an entirely new sound for the album Real Life/Real Worship. Embracing his real-life experience that truth can come from unconventional and unexpected sources, Anthony tapped Max Stark to intertwine driving beats and dazzling synthesizer melodies with Anthony’s pop/Gospel tone to infuse songs like “Never Fail” with a fresh vibe fit for the celebration of the mightiest of Kings.

“I would love the whole dynamic of how this happened to inspire people to step into new opportunities, to think outside the box, to not be fearful,” says Anthony. “Because on the other side of that fear could be an experience that changes your life.” With a song that proclaims God’s unwillingness to let us fail, fear of the unknown is sure to give way to confidence, strength, and victory.

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SOURCE: TKO Marketing

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