Here Is What Happens When You Quit Caring So Much About Money

Here Is What Happens When You Quit Caring So Much About Money

Everyone needs money. We need it to buy food, clothing, shelter, transportation, get medical care and everything else we need to live. That makes it hard to not make money the No. 1 thing in life. When asked, most people would say that money is not the most important thing in life, yet their lifestyle is largely defined by what they do to make money. Colin Wright, of Exile Lifestyle started by defining success around money, but he found something that works better for him.

The “normal” life path
Colin grew up in rural Missouri in a small, midwestern community. After high school, it was time for college. After graduation he got a job in Los Angeles — a big change from the midwest. A year later, he started a branding studio. He quickly gained a solid client base and was making good money.

Colin describes the lifestyle he found himself in as being about “getting as wealthy as you can” and “having wine parties and knowing exotic cheeses.” He was making good money, eating good food, drinking fancy wine and going to clubs three times a week. This was success — he thought.

But then he said, “Wait a minute, is this it? There has to be more to life.”

Redefining success
Colin began to rethink what success meant to him. As long as he could remember, he wanted to travel the world, see new things and get the unbiased perspective that can only come from getting to know people from many different cultures. He wanted to see different perspectives and experience new things. He wanted to learn things he wouldn’t even think to ask about.

A big change
Colin closed his branding studio for good and began traveling full-time. But it wasn’t just a summer vacation, he traveled to a different country every four months for five years and he’s still at it. This has taken him from New Zealand to Bangkok to Iceland. Colin has traveled the world, the whole time meeting people, helping them and taking a genuine interest in them and their cultures.

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Source: Huffington Post | Jeff Steinmann

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