Nearly Half of Americans Don’t Want Someone In Their Family to Marry an Atheist


Brace yourself for family backlash if you plan to marry an atheist.

A new Pew Research survey chiefly focused on political polarization also found Americans divided when someone in the family picks a nonbeliever to marry.

Atheists are the most unwanted future relative, by far. Nearly half (49 percent) of Americans say they would be unhappy if a member of their immediate family picked an unbeliever for a spouse.

Those most likely to say they’d be upset:

  • 73 percent of people who call themselves “consistently conservative.”
  • 64 percent of Protestants, including 77 percent of white non-Hispanic evangelical Protestants.
  • 59 percent among Republicans or those who leaned to the GOP, 18 points higher than unhappy Democrat or Democrat/leaning adults.
  • 55 percent of Roman Catholics

By contrast, only 9 percent overall said they would be upset by the prospect of a relative wedding a “born again” Christian.

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SOURCE: Religion News Service
Cathy Lynn Grossman

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